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Technical Questions

  • May I download mp3 or ogg programs?

  • RuralCatholicRadio streams its programs to Icecast servers (mp3 and ogg streams).

    Streaming technology does allow patrons to download or 'rip' the streams, but, as in radio, it is primarily for listening to current program streams.

    We have made every effort to provide either public domain material or programs/music that the copyright holder has given us permission to stream.

    With respect to copyrighted background music, we request that you purchase copies of their music by visiting their websites.

    Permission is not granted to download or rip copyrighted music or programs.

    You may not download or store any sound recordings or Internet radio programs from this Site to the hard drive of your computer.

  • I missed an episode of my favorite show. Is it possible to download an archived copy of it?

  • With streaming technology, it is possible for listeners to download or 'rip' audio streams. However, as with broadcast radio, listening is the primary function for current programs.

    We do keep archived copies of all programs aired. You may email us and request a copy of a show that we have produced. We will reply with an email link for your download copy.

    However, for certain shows, as indicated on their webpages, due to copyright, we ask that you contact the host for copies and support them.

    With respect to copyrighted background music, we request that you purchase copies of their music by visiting their websites. Permission is not granted to download or rip such copyrighted music or programs.

    You may not download or store any sound recordings or Internet radio programs from this Site to the hard drive of your computer.

    For any download copy that we will supply, we request that you support us by making a donation.

    See:  Shows produced by Rural Catholic Radio

  • What are your broadcasting hours?

  • Rural Catholic Radio broadcasts weekdays, Monday to Friday,
    0000 to 2400 — (Midnight to Midnight) EST/EDT.

    All times EST/EDT: UTC/GMT -5 (EST) / -4 hours (EDT).

    Our Regular Programming day starts at 0800 (8:00 a.m.) and ends at 2400 (Midnight) EST/EDT.

    Regular Programs are in three periods:

    • Morning (0800 - 1200)
    • Afternoon (1200-1600)
    • Evening (1600 -2400)

    Our Extended Programming continues in two periods:

    • Midnight (0000 - 0400)
    • Dawn (0400 - 0800)

    During this extended period, we provide additional airtime for some of our more popular Regular shows.

    We are totally listener-supported.

    You may help us broadcast our programs to you. Please consider making a donation now or becoming an automatic monthly supporter.

    With your generous support, we can extend our daily broadcasting adding new programs and engaging stimulating hosts.

    We appreciate your feedback — please tell us how we are doing, and what you would like to hear.

    Listeners are invited to email us with their new program suggestions.

    Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome!

  • What formats and bitrates are available in your broadcasting?

  • Rural Catholic Radio broadcasts in two formats: '.mp3' and '.ogg'.

    We use Icecast servers for our Dialup 32 kbps '.mp3' codec broadcasts, and for higher quality Dialup 32 kbps '.ogg' codec broadcasts. Both formats are broadcasted simultaneously.

    For our High-Speed (H/S) streams, we use Icecast servers at higher bitrates — 64/96/128 kbps in '.mp3' codec. We also stream at 64 kbps in '.ogg' codec.

    You may also listen to all our broadcasts (MP3 in 32/64/96/128 kbps and OGG in 32/64 kbps) at or during our regular broadcasting hours..

  • What does 'CC-by-sa' stand for?

  • 'CC-by-sa' is an acronym for works with a 'Creative Commons by ShareAlike' license.

    Many background music pieces found on RuralCatholicRadio use this attribution.

    For further details and licensing, visit:  CC-by-sa.


Programs and Features

  • I am a musician. I would like to have my music featured on RuralCatholicRadio. How can I arrange this?

  • Our Lord has given each person gifts and talents to build up His Kingdom. RuralCatholicRadio is at the service of the Church, providing a voice for the little folks who love and serve the Lord daily in their littleness.

    We would love to hear samples of your music.

    In order to stream on RuralCatholicRadio, we require your permission for all music whether in either mp3 and ogg codec formats. We would suggest that you offer your music with one of various Creative Commons licenses.

    Please email us with your bio, links to samples of your music, and a telephone number where we can contact you.

  • I noticed that you do not have any programs on xxxx topic. When will one be added?

  • We would love to add a program on xxxx topic!

    If you have a reasonable level of knowledge of xxxx, lots of enthusiasm and zeal, perhaps you would be willing to share your expertise with others. Or perhaps you know a person who would be admirably suited to host this topic.

    We are looking for faithful, knowledgeable, and committed Catholics who love to share the gifts they have been given. Please contact us for further discussion.

    You are invited to email us with your host a new program suggestions.

  • Is there something you can do with the poor sound quality in a few of your programs?

  • Unfortunately, some of the programs we are re-broadcasting were recorded thirty to forty years ago with poor quality audio equipment.

    While digitizing many of these tapes, we removed as much of the background noise as was possible without losing the voice quality and message of the speaker.

    We apologize for presenting lower quality audio, but we felt that the important values that are taught far outweigh other considerations.

  • When do you plan to add live shows?

  • Live shows are a very low-priority item on our wish-list. We do not plan to add them in the forseeable future.

    Our main focus is to provide audio versions of classic books for your spiritual growth.

  • I would like to host a show on xxxxx topic. How could the recording of the shows be arranged?

  • Since our programming is strictly audio, recording your show could be arranged very easily.

    The first step would be to discuss your proposed show via email. Once we agree that it is a viable topic, we would discuss the format and frequency of the show, along with other technical details.

    The audio recording could be accomplished in a number of ways, at little or no cost. First, you could record your show locally, and forward the recording either as an email attachment, or as an upload to This method is preferable if you do not live in close geographical proximity to our studio.

    A second, less desirable method, is to record your show via the telephone. We have technology that would enhance the quality of your telephone voice. Nonetheless, the quality of the recording would not be as high as with in-house or self-recording. This may be the only option available, but the cost may prove to be prohibitive unless you have a Skype-type of phone plan.

    We appreciate that our hosts volunteer their time and expertise. We believe it would be inappropriate to add a financial burden upon your valuable contribution.

    The final option — if you live close to our location — is to record your sessions in our studio. Please contact us for further details.

    If you wish to proceed to the discussion stage, please email us with your new program suggestions.

    We thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and commitment!

General Questions

  • How do I submit a question?

  • To submit a question, simply go to 'Contact' and click the first email address for 'General' enquiries.

    Please indicate whether you wish to receive a personal reply or a general answer that will be published in this FAQ.

  • Do you endorse organizations that are listed as hosts for your shows?

    • We gratefully acknowledge permissions from various organizations to re-broadcast their copyrighted tapes and CDs of various speakers.

      However, we do not necessarily endorse the views and opinions of the organizations that have provided these tapes or CDs for re-broadcast on Rural Catholic Radio.

      Furthermore, we re-broadcast only speakers who are in good standing with the Church.

      We fully believe and are faithful, in obedience, to the teachings of the Magisterium and Our Holy Father.

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