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Blessed Alexandrina

A Living Miracle of the Eucharist

Kevin Rowles

   Blessed Alexandrina     

"I desire that, after your death, your life may be known, and that will happen; I shall see to it. It will reach the ends of the earth."

   (Our Lord speaking to Blessed Alexandrina, November 22, 1937)

"The desire of Jesus to see a widespread knowledge of the life of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Portugal is starting to be fulfilled as devotion to her grows steadily throughout the world.

One of the great mystics of modern times, a "victim soul" chosen by Christ to suffer in atonement for the sins of humanity, she appears set to become an important and well-loved saint in the Universal Church.

Her life gives us an example of complete fidelity to the will of Christ, and also presents an astonishing and undeniable explosion of the supernatural to an increasingly secular world."

From the Introduction of
Blessed Alexandrina:
A Living Miracle of the Eucharist
by Kevin Rowles.

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A Living Miracle of the Eucharist

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