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Holy Communion
The Most Holy Trinity

Fr. Marie Vincent Bernadot, O.P.

Revised, adapted and modernized
Msgr. William Joseph Doheny

   Most Blessed Trinity     

"It has been well said that the spiritual life is a love affair with Jesus....He has given us His Sacred Heart as the eloquent proof of His divine love....

We cannot refuse to give all our love and adoration to Him and to the Most Blessed trinity.

This small book of Bernadot is a veritable gem. It shows in the most graphic language just how the Most Blessed Trinity is the source of all life and love.

Jesus, in Holy Communion, brings to us every day the fullness of this divine life and love. In attractive and almost poetical language Bernadot depicts for us the heavenly interrelation between Holy Communion and the Most Blessed Trinity.

A book of spiritual reading and meditation, it can lead souls, with the help of Divine Grace, to the very heights of contemplation and sublime happiness."

Excerpted from the Preface of
Holy Communion and the Most Blessed Trinity,
by Fr. M.V. Bernadot.
Revised, adapted and modernized by Fr. William J. Doheny, C.S.C.
Ave Maria Press: Notre Dame, IN, 1979.

Original English Translation - † Henricus, Epus. Tipasae
Edimburgi, 1925.
Revised Edition: Pro Manuscripto,
December 8, 1979.

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