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Our Glorious Popes

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   Our Glorious Popes       

Our Glorious Popes

"Listening to Our Glorious Popes will refresh your appreciation of grace in the lives of men in all times and places.

Meet some of the first Popes to follow Saint Peter in giving their lives in testimony to the Truth of the Faith. Hear of Saint Leo challenging the fierce Attila the Hun, 'the scourge of God', at the very gates of Rome.

Encounter the wisdom and inspiration of Saint Gregory the Great whose courage and insights affect us still - in the chant of the Church, his exposition of Sacred Scripture, and his enlightened sending of Saint Augustine of Canterbury to convert the British Isles.

Thrill to the intrigue and courage of Innocent III as he brings the influence of the Church he loved and served to the highest point in European history. Learn of the courageous and undaunted Popes Pius IX and Pius X as they warn and try to protect the Church from new and insidious enemies within and without the Mystical Body of Christ.

The great and often sainted Vicars of Christ have led the Church in times of political and social upheaval; they fought heresy and ignorance; they changed the face of Europe and the world."

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